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Despite the fact that coiled tubing technology has been known for a long time, it is now the growing demand from drilling and oil companies for this technology. Thanks to the fact that nowadays the coiled tubing has risen to a fundamentally new technological level, this technology began to replace traditional methods.

Using coiled tubing and coiled tubing in drilling and repairing wells, significantly increases the efficiency of work and economic indicators, this is especially evident when using this technology in difficult climatic conditions.

Coiled tubing units and coiled tubing from Nefteservis Engineering meet the 5ST-API standards as per requirements of the size range, the pipe is made from 19mm to 89mm (3/4 "- 3-1 / 2") with a wall thickness of 1.9 mm to 7.6 mm (0,075 '' - 0,300 ''), respectively, and the materials for manufacturing the pipe CT70-CT110, plus a wide range of stainless and special steels (13Cr, 316L, 2205, 825, 625, etc., there are CT specimens from Titan).

The main advantages of coiled tubing from the company "Nefteservis Engineering":

The technology of laser welding of the coiled tubing (coiled tubing) has been developed and introduced into production:

- Laser welding creates a seam by melting and offers higher reliability than electric welding (ERW) and has a smaller thermal degradation zone;

Good adaptability to the material, for example, high-strength low-alloy steel, 316L and 2205, etc .;

Minimum weld height;

Minimal corrosion of the weld in comparison with the electric welding ERW.

The company "Nefte Service Engineering" is ready to offer its customers supplies from stock and on-demand, flexible tubing (coiled tubing) and coiled tubing units, and their further servicing with supplies of spare parts and components.